Mercedes sales increase 13 percent in 2014, Sold over 10 K cars

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Pune : The company of luxury cars from Germany, Mercedes Benz has ended 2014 with sales of 10,201 units, representing a growth of 13% over 2013, when it sold 9,003 units.

The company said that the company has seen double-digit growth for the second consecutive year.

Mr Eberhard Kern MD & CEO of Mercedes-Benz India said that “We have recorded the highest-ever sales in the history of Mercedes-Benz in India till date. We are satisfied that our customer-oriented efforts have paid off well.”

Mr Kern said that during 2014, Mercedes Benz witnessed strong demand growth leading to long waitlist on some of the key products, which eventually limited the total sales numbers.

The company launched 10 new models, expanded its network by adding 14 new outlets and launched the new pre-owned brand ‘Mercedes-Benz Certified’ with the inauguration of 12 outlets simultaneously.

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