Akil malik said that Gauhar khan pay me for slap in public

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New Delhi : Akil Malik who had slapped Gauahar Khan on the sets of 'India's Raw Star' has come forward and revealed actual details of the incident.

According to reports, Akil Malik has claimed that Gauahar Khan herself asked him to slap her to gain some publicity.

During the grand finale of India's Raw Star, suddenly Akil Malik from the crowd started teasing Gauahar. In her response Gauahar Khan started protesting and the situation started getting uglier. 

Gauahar got into the questioning mode for allegedly being teased. Things then started turning messy and the man in question slapped Gauahar.

"Malik had been coming over to the show, as a member of the audience, for the past two to three days. He had been observing Khan. 

On Sunday, December 1, 2014 while the shoot was on, Malik suddenly got up and went on the stage. He tried to touch Khan who was taken aback and resisted. Malik then slapped her. 

He asked her how she could wear skimpy outfits and dance to cheap songs despite being a Muslim," a police official said.

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