Facebook and UC Web partner up for push real-time notifications in India

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Washington : World's largest social networking utility Facebook has partnered with UC Browser  to provide push notifications within the browser. This move will enable UCWeb Browser users to activate Facebook notifications. 

After this feature is activated the users can get live Facebook notifications even when the browser is not working in the background. Users will not have to download and install any add on as this feature will come inbuilt in the browser.

Alibaba-owned Chinese browser and has a huge market in India. UCWeb and Facebook have partnered up to allow users in India to receive in-browser mobile notifications. According to TechCrunch, UCWeb says this is the first time Facebook has worked with a mobile browser maker to enable push notifications outside of Facebook's app without having to install a new add-on.

Once the feature is turned on, users will then be able to receive notifications from Facebook via UC Browser even when it is closed. The collaboration is another yet another sign of Facebook's constant push into India, which has one of the largest markets in terms of active users.

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