Tesla Motors is working for 'Solid Metal Snake' Car Chargers

Tesla Motors, Solid Metal Snake, Car Chargers, Solid Metal Snake Car Chargers
Elon Musk's got lots of crazy ideas and has millions of dollars for bringing them to reality. What's more awesome is that he's been able to build a solid team of engineers that make things for the future. 

Musk's tweeted that his engineers are actually working on the charger from 22nd century - a solid metal snake like charger that will detect when the car's around and move out of the wall to automatically connect to the charging port on the car. 

The new charging system will work with the current Model S variants and all the upcoming cars from Tesla Motors. Musk isn't providing any more details about the system as of now, but in the video embedded below (especially 9:15 sec+) from the P85D event, he hints at possibility of such a system. Of course it's very uncool to manually connect the charger to the charging port of your car; especially if you are a Tesla owner. Check out the video -

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