Parent's Behavior of Suicide Attempt Linked to Risk in Kids

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Internet Desk : Children born to a parent with a history of attempting suicide are more likely to attempt suicide child's risk of attempting suicide, according to a recent study. 

For example according to a 2012 study reported by Medical News Today young people are more likely to attempt suicide within a couple of years of a parent attempting suicide.

The research team that included Dr. David A. Brent from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, PA, notes that according to previous studies the suicide risk may run into families from one generation to the next generation.

However Dr. Brent as well as his colleagues analyzed the real reason behind the suicidal behavior that runs in families and this was what researchers wanted to address with the help of their study.

In order to conclude their theory they analyzed around 334 parents who had mood disorders and they also studied around 701 children aged 10-50 years. Out of the parents around 191 had previously attempted suicide. Their children were followed for the period of an average 5.6 years. 

The children had to go through structured psychiatric assessments as well as self-reported questionnaires and that allowed researchers to establish the presence of any mental health disorders as well as suicidal behavior.

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