Pallavi Sharda like to do biopic on Madhubala

Madhubala, Pallavi Sharda actress, Hawaizaada
Mumbai : Actress Pallavi Sharda, who comes from a non-film background, says that to survive in the film industry, one needs talent as well as luck.

The actress says, "I would like to do a biopic on Madhubala. I like her story, her life was interesting and there is romanticism in her life. I think it would be an interesting story," Pallavi, who's awaiting the release of "Hawaizaada."

Madhubala, considered one of the most beautiful actresses of her times in the country, is remembered for her roles in films like "Mahal", "Amar", "Mr & Mrs '55", "Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi" and "Mughal-e-Azam". She died young at 36 in 1969 due to illness.

"Talent is important. You can't be successful without talent, but luck also matters. My luck was not that great, if I may say so because I have worked really hard."

Said the actress, who has earlier featured in films like "Love Breakups Zindagi", "Heroine" and "Besharam". Pallavi's next film "Hawaizaada" is directed by Vibhu Puri

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