Golden treasure was buried in 17th century

UNNAO : The Archaeological Survey of India is set to begin excavation for a 1,000 tonne gold treasure after a sadhu dreamt about it.

Shobhan Sarkar reportedly dreamt that 1,000 tonnes of gold is buried in the remains of the fort of Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh in Daundiya Kheda village of Unnao district in Uttar Pradesh. He then apprised a Union minister of it and convinced him that the finding could help alleviate some of the country’s financial troubles.

In the dream, Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh told the sadhu, who has substantial number of followers in the area, to take care of the gold buried in the remains of his fort. Notably, Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh was martyred during the fight with British in 1857.

Sarkar’s dream was not taken seriously by the local administration and the state government. However, Union Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Processing Charan Das Mahant paid heed to it and visited the area on September 22 and October 07, and met Sarkar. The minister then directed the ASI to work on it, which will begin from October 18

A newspaper quoted Mahant as saying that he heard about the treasure from a priest who visits him regularly. “He told me that Shobhan Sarkar wanted to meet me. When I met him, he told me about the reserves. He said the quantity was so huge that if the government can excavate it, it could be handy since there was a crisis with the rupee,” Mahant said.

“I was surprised. I then wrote to the Prime Minister, finance minister, home minister and mines minister and related departments such as the ASI and Geological Survey of India about the reserves. I informed Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi too about it,” he said.

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