Opposition thinks that poor are a burden for Country : Rahul

Udaipur : After starting a Promotional campaign for Assembly Election in Rajasthan by Narendra modi in Jaipur at suraj sankal sammelan of BJP, Vice President of Indian National Congress Rahul Gandhi addressed to thousands of people gathered to attend the mass gathering at Salumber in Udaipur.
Rahul gandhi told by name the Maha Kisaan Raily to this Aadivasi Sammelan in Salumber. Opposition was on the main target in Rahul Gandhi’s speech. Addressing the tribal people, Rahul Gandhi said, ‘We want to preserve art and traditions of tribal communities whereas opposition never thinks in your (tribal’s) favor’.
He said, ‘opposition thiking about poor men that is the poor are a burden for Country nut Congress thinks that a commen man is important for Devlopment of country. Praising the work done by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, Rahul Gandhi said, ‘CM Gehlot has worked in the favor of millions of Rajasthani. Congress started many Free Medicine Program in state.
pon his arrival at Udaipur’s Dabok Airport, Rahul Gandhi was welcomed by CM Ashok Gehlot, Gurudas Kamat and PCC Chief Dr. Chandrabhan with all top administrative officers of Udaipur region. Rahul Gandhi then, proceeded towards Ganesh Ghati, Salumber.
About two dozen of congress leaders were seen together on a stage including Chief minister Ashok Gehlot, Gurudas Kamat, Girija Vyas, Dr. Chandrabhan, Namonarayan Meena, Sachin Pilot, Lalchandra Kataria, Sheehsram Ola, Raghuveer Singh Meena, Mahendrajeet Singh Malwiya, Chandresh Kumari, Tarachand Bhagora, Lal Singh Jhala and mant other with Rahul Gandhi.
The rally perhaps declared the political battle in the upcoming legislative election. More than 2 Lakh people were gathered in the rally today. In an emotional speech, Rahul Gandhi stated, ‘Apne sapne mein kuchalna chahta hu, aapke sapne apnana chahta hu’ which means, ‘I want to crush my dreams and adopt your dreams’ ‘There are two types of thoughts in politics, one is Congress and another is Opposition. Opposition thinks that the country will develop by constructing roads, bridges and airports but Congress thinks that the country will develop when the labour class who construct road, bridge and airport will prosper’. He said ‘Along with infrastructure, the common Indian man should also flourish’.
Rahul Gandhi said with targeting on opposition, ‘opposition has clogged every bill in parliament but Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh took responsibility to pass it’. Cabinet Minister Girija Vyas reckoned the beneficiary schemes introduced by Central and State government. C.P Joshi expressed Rahul Gandhi as future of India and said that there are several political parties who are asking for votes in name of specific sects and communities but Congress is the only party which takes people from all class and religions along with it and giving equal rights to everyone.

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