TRY invites to express your love for nature through Eco-Selfie

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Jaipur : Valentine’s Day may be over, but love blooms in the air. Spring season is the nature’s way of expressing love for all of us when the weather is perfect, the flowers bloom, and everything around just looks like if it could stay like this forever! Well, here is a chance to do so by making these moments still with your selfie/photo/groupfie; through which you can express your “love and care” for nature. 

TRY brings this social initiative to build awareness to for “responsible lifestyle” by organizing an eco-selfie contest with some exciting rewards. With the eco-selfie contest rolled out on the valentines’ day, the contest will continue till March 31st, 2017. With this contest TRY intends to connect specially with the youth, who are at the transformational point of making the lifestyle choices. 

With the better economy and rising consumerism (Western culture), youth is heavily enticed into range of options without being informed about the impact they leave on the eco-system based on their consumption and disposal. TRY is building awareness about sustainable lifestyle through various means of online and offline campaigns. The selfies or photos can be submitted at

TRY (The Responsible You) is an initiative launched with the belief that your happiness starts from living in a healthy environment and a peaceful community. But helplessly you are co-habitating the environment where population, pollution, commotion, is growing by day. You cannot change it all, but the choices that you make and the actions that you take, shows how conscious and responsible are you to minimize the impact !

TRY has launched a website for its online interface. For offline awareness they have participated in the conferences on Environment, launched posters and Calendars. Their work is also being exhibited in the Science Express.

TRY’s principal Anju, a communications strategist and creative director, who also holds a Ph.D. in Biotechnology shares her two-pronged philosophy - One; that the Science and Art communities should orchestrate together to build mass level awareness on sustainability, which usually stand quite segregated. Two, that happiness is an integrative element of sustainability. If people are not happy, they will care less for their community and environment and vice versa.

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