I know who are our original heroes, No one can bigger than the soldiers : Nana Patekar

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Mumbai : Amidst the ongoing trenchant in the relations between India-Pakistan and many celebs are demanding to ban on entry of pakistani artist in India, while many supporting them. The Veteran Bollywood actor, Vishwanath 'Nana' Patekar, who is well known as Nana Patekar, has supported the ban on the pakistani artists. 

He said that, the nation must come first as none of the artists hold more importance than the country.

Patekar further slammed the Bollywood celebrities who have been supporting Pakistani artists saying these celebs don’t deserve the attention they are getting. He also stated that people must realise the value of the soldiers who are the real heroes.

Nana Patekar told reporters that, “I have been in the Army for two and a half years, so I know who are our original heroes. Our jawans are the biggest heroes and no one can be bigger than the soldiers. We actors are just fake and insignificant people, and people should not pay heed to what the celebs are saying.”

Apparently, his statement is being linked with Salman Khan’s remark criticizing the ban on Pakistani artists in India asserting that they are not terrorists.

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