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New Delhi : The famous Punjabi singer of bollywood, 57 year old Labh Janjua was found dead in his Mumbai apartment on 22nd October, 2015 in mysterious circumstances. He bagan his career from ‘Mundian to bachke rahi’ in 2003, won GIMA Award of the year in 2015 for ‘Queen’s song ‘London Thumakda’. 

He gave many superhit to the industry. Some of them are 'London Thumakda...' for 'Queen', 'Baari Barsi... for 'Band Baja Barat', 'Jee Karda...' & 'Talli Hua...' for 'Singh is King', 'Pyar Karke...' for 'Pyar Ke Side Effect' and many more.

There is no doubt that Labh ruled the hearts of the young & old with his awesome singing. But, there is a video which reveals that he was not happy with the Bollywood. 2 months before his death, Labh did an interview and appeared on a show named ‘Music Masti with Raj Mahajan’ in August in 2015.

Perhaps, this video skipped from media’s eye. In this video, Late Labh Janjua, complained about Bollywood. What were reasons for Labh’s complaints. Here are some facts revealed from the video : Check out the 9 complaints that Labh raised on the TV show with the host Raj Mahajan :

  • Labh targets ‘Satya’ song ‘Spane mei milti hai’
The famous punjabi singer Labh was unhappy about the Punjabi lyrics wrongly used in bollywood films. According to him many hindi and punjabi lyricists lacked knowledge in their language and wrote ‘senseless’ lyrics. Labh talked about the famous song from film ‘Satya’ sung by Asha Bhosle and Suresh Wadkar. According to Labh, the lyrics ‘Sapne mein milti hai, o kudi meri sapne mein milti hai’ do not talk about lovers. He says, ‘Kudi meri’ in punjabi represents a father talking about his daughter ‘Beti meri’ and vis-a-vis ‘Munda mera’ is about someone’s son. Labh said.. “had it been ‘Kudi mainu sapne mein milti hai”, it would’ve conveyed the right meaning.
  • “The song ‘Phatte tak nachna’ does not mean anything”
Another song that troubled Labh due to the ‘wrongly’ used punjabi lyrics was the latest song from Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan starrer ‘Khoobsurat’s ‘Phatte tak nachna’. Labh says that the punjabi expression ‘Chak de Phatte’ is used inappropriately in this song. “It does not mean anything, instead it should be ‘Phatte chak nachna’, Says Labh.
  • “Award Shows lack transparency”
Labh also criticized the ‘Award Shows’ system in Bollywood. Labh said there is no transparency in such shows and the “setting for awards is done beforehand”. According to Labh, such Award Shows lack credibility and that’s why he did not attend any of these shows.
  • “The singers with hit songs should be given awards”
Labh believed that the singers of hit songs must get the award. He said… “In every award show such hit songs are played and people dance to the tunes but the awards are given to soft-melodious songs(mocks at them)”. However Labh did not regret not receiving many awards but expressed content with the love of people he received for his famous songs. He said, “bikne wala award mujhe nahi chahiye” (I do not want the award that sells)
  • “Industry should give chance to newcomers”
Labh, like many other singers, in his initial stage of career had to struggle but He had a complain against the industry. According to Labh, the makers used to close doors at his face saying “you are a newcomer”. He said “Jo naam wale artist thae wo andar studio mei baithe rehte thae. Naya purana to tab ho jab aap gaana sun lo”.
  • Fraud by a Record Label of UK :
Labh explained about the fraud by a Record Label based in UK. This record label recorded Labh for a song ‘Mundeya To Bach Ke Rahi’ which became popular over the globe. And, the record label embezzled all his billion rupees of royalty.
  • Music Director do’nt have knowledge about music :
Labh told on the show that the Music Director do not have proper knowledge about. They get the music done with their arrangers and give it their name.
  • Did’nt get affection from anybody except Mother :
Labh’s mother never called him by his name. She used to call him ‘Heera’ by love. Labh relvealed on the show that he did’nt get love from anybody else except his Mother. He has bitter relations with his father, brother and sisters.
  • Adult Videos Songs :
Labh told Raj that Music Videos should be clean to watch and whole family can enjoy the videos together on TV.

To watch the video of Labh Janjua, check out the video below :

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