Social Media Manthan to happens in Talk Journalism at Jaipur

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Jaipur : Today is the era of Social Media and everybody is connected with it today, the journalism also having a very strong and important palace in it. So the journalism and social media are playing an important role together. In the view of its importance an initiative to be organise in the Pink City jaipur, where the experts and senoir journalist to do social Media Manthan in 'Talk Journalism'.

In the three-day event many eminent and senior personalities from social media and journalism are participating. The event named 'Talk Journalism' to be start from July 29th, which will run until July 31st at Fairmont in Kukas Jaipur. In this event many famous faces from the world of journalism and social media to be discuss media trends started with the belief that if there is an idea worth sharing and discussing.

Notable, Talk Journalism is conceptualized on the premise that there is need to discuss and debate media, a profession that discusses everything, but seldom talks about itself. The festival will see leading minds in the profession coming together on one platform, share their thoughts and experiences about how the rules of the game have changed and the new ideas coming up in the media space.

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