QNet supporters hold a peaceful demonstration at Press Club Mumbai

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Mumbai : For the first time, QNET supporters decided to go public and defend a company (QNET), which has helped them in fulfilling their dreams. More than 400 QNet Independent Representatives carried out a peaceful demonstration at the Press Club, Mumbai to get their voices heard in the media and to put a check on the unwarranted harassment that is being made by few agenda-driven people like Gurpreet Singh Anand.

The self-proclaimed activist (who has never contributed anything good for public as per records) - Gurpreet was also holding a press conference alleging Bollywood connection to QNet operations.

Please listen to our story

The peaceful demonstrators were having a tape across their mouth, with placards carrying the sign ‘I Trust QNet’ and also saying ‘Our story Not Heard’.

Reality about Gurpreet

The individual demonstrators revealed that as Independent Representatives of QNet, they are being targeted by authorities for earning a livelihood and lies are being spread by activist like Gurpreet who had never been duped by QNet.

We Know our rights too

“We will expose his continuous lies. He is a crook and is working for those with vested interests who do not want genuine companies that empower people in the Direct Selling business to grow in India. We have been made victims of continuous harassment and mental torture because of this liar. Media too has remained quiet to our plight,” roared the demonstrators.

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