Narayana Multispeciality Hospital receives AHPI Awards of ‘Quality beyond Accreditation'

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Jaipur : Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Jaipur, has bagged the award of' ‘Quality beyond Accreditation' at the Global Conclave of Association of Health Care Providers (India) (AHPI) held at Mumbai recently. Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Jaipur is the only hospital in Rajasthan to have been awarded in any category by AHPI this year.

The AHPI award technical committee scrutinized and made detailed assessment in respect of key indicators to monitor the clinical structures processes and outcomes which are used as tools for continual improvement. Also they went through the managerial structures, processes and outcomes, which are used as tools for continual improvement.  

Further, the committee looked into clinical audits that are conducted by all specialties on periodic basis to monitor and improve quality of nursing and complete patient care as per the registry provided by the accreditation agency. 

It noted  the use of ICT for leveraging in improvement and sustaining delivery of quality care (Such as quality dash boards, alerts and alarms) and the data analytics/statistical and management tools, such as 7-QC tools,5-S, FMEA,LEAN Health, Six Sigma, to improve and sustain delivery of quality care. 

The committee also appreciated the patient centric approach of the hospital management and it went through the patient satisfaction reports that are measured using objective means and fed back in to system with demonstrable improvement. 

The committee members assessed the hospital’s initiatives to foster quality culture such as, team building, effective communication and other good HRM practices since such actions can serve as a benchmark to other organizations in that area of services.

Arunesh Punetha, Zonal Director (West), Narayana Health, said, “We are extremely happy to receive the AHPI award which bears the testimony of our achievement in delivering safe, accessible, affordable, timely and patient oriented medical care to its patients”. 

“ This is the first hospital in Rajasthan to be accredited by Joint Commission International on 2012 and re-accredited on 2015 for meeting international benchmarks in healthcare”, he said.

The AHPI Award Technical Committee scrutinized the applications along with the presentation submitted by the hospital. The award was won post a detailed facility assessment and inspection of the hospital processes by the representatives of AHPI. 

More than 180 hospitals across India competed for various categories of awards. This particular award ‘Quality beyond Accreditation’ was awarded to only five hospitals in India.

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