Kanhaiya's native home walls painted with slogans of ‘Azadi’

Kanhaiya Kumar, Begusarai, JNU, Jawahar Lal University student president, House of kanhaiya kumar
Begusarai : Yesterday the high court adjourned the bail plea of JNU student president Kanhaiya Kumar, till February 29, the art students from Shanti Niketan and Patna painted the walls of his native home at Masnadpur in Begusarai with his picture, which is saying that “save JNU Save India” and slogans on demanding of ‘Azadi’ from feudalism, capitalism, and Brahmanism.

The old parents of Kanhaiya and his younger brother Prince are staying at the village home while elder brother Manikant and his uncle are camping in Delhi to extend their support to him.

Kanhaiya’s mother Meena Devi told a leading English newspaper, “The Prime Minister would know our pain if he tries to look at it from our point of view…but, we’ve full faith in our son and the judiciary,”

Meanwhile, the art students visited Kanhaiya’s home and painted the walls with graffiti and slogans. In one of the graffiti Birchandra Kumar has made a large size crocodile wriggling towards protesting JNU students with its mouth open and the caption in capitals reads: “Save JNU Save India.”

In another graffiti Kanhaiya Kumar is shown addressing students in the campus carrying red flags and “Red Star” written in bold fonts. Similarly, Birchandra Kumar’s friend Rakesh Kumar has written an azadi slogan in bold fonts on another wall.

Birchandra Kumar himself had painted his body red to symbolise protest against the government.

The students also displayed their art of protest at other places in the area. Writer-activist Pushp Raj explained its meaning to the common people.

Kanhaiya’s father Jai Shanker Singh, bedridden since 2013, keeps his eyes glued to the TV. “At least two channels portrayed my son as a villain, but with police not being able to show any evidence, most people now believe Kanhaiya was framed. My son is being talked about internationally, but a poor father like me only wants Kanhaiya to be cleared of the charges,” says Singh.

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