There is need to overcome Prejudices against women : Smriti Irani

Smriti Irani, HRD minister smriti irani, Human Resources Development Minister, Women’s Science Congress, University of Mysore
Mysuru : The Union Human Resources Development (HRD) Minister Smriti Irani says what we need today is ‘Science for Everyday Women’. Inaugurating the 5th Women’s Science Congress at 103rd Indian Science Congress at University of Mysore today, she said the most fundamental challenge today is to overcome unvocal prejudices against women.

Commenting on prejudices we carry as a society she commented that, Science does not seem to be teaching us to overcome these prejudices even while it enriches our knowledge.

While mentioning women’s contribution in all spheres of life Irani said, we easily recall names of the scientists who are men and very hardly do we remember any women’s contribution in the field of Science and Technology.

This calls for addressing the challenges at the school level, where she called upon teachers and academicians to enlighten our future generations about the contributions of Indian women in the field where she remarked that, it is very sad that women are at the crossroad where either they have to choose family or higher education.

She also referred to paucity of women teaching staff in the academia. Mentoring girls to be a part of India’s scientific journey will effectively address this challenge and urged the women’s science congress to ponder upon these and come up with suggestions.

Irani pointed that ordinary saree clad Indian women were the faces behind our successful Mars Mission.

ISCA President Ashok Kumar Saxena recalled the contributions of women in all walks of life but remarked that we hardly see any women occupying high positions and voiced for women parity in all spheres.

Among others present during the occasion were, Dr. Vijaya Laxmi Saxena, Executive Member, ISCA, Prof. Geetha Bali, Former President, ISCA, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, Secretary DHR, DG – ICMR, New Delhi, Shobana Bhaskaran, Scientist SEED, Prof. Asna Urooj, Convener, Women Science Congress and Prof. Shobha Jagannath, Co–Convener of Women Science Congress.

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