The Reel Life Charles Sobhraj meets Real Life Charles Sobhraj

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Mumbai : Bollywood film director and screenwriter Prawaal Raman's upcoming film 'Main Aur Charles' is loosely based on the famous Tihar jail break of 1986 of Hatchand Bhaonani Gurumukh aka Charles Sobhraj, where the powerhouse performer Randeep Hooda is portraying Charles.

Charles Sobhraj is currently in Kathmandu jail and it's almost impossible to meet him. But on Sunday morning, Randeep Hooda did the impossible, he along with his director managed to seek permission to meet Charles after great difficulty.

They met Charles, now a 72-year-old man in Kathmandu jail.We hear the meeting barely lasted for 10-12 minutes and the distance between the duo was almost 7 feet.

Randeep went on to say "It's not difficult to meet him, it's almost impossible. We had to go through a lot to meet him and finally got the permission but even after that when we landed in Kathmandu, we were still not allowed to meet him initially"

Randeep was dressed in his casual best, Charles looked at him with a long silence and then gave a thumbs up. Charles has already had a glimpse of the trailer, he had not only seen the poster, but had also put it up on his wall of the jail.

Randeep went on "Charles was specially very high on the fact that I could portray him so correctly . He asked me, `Where did you get my speech and mannerisms?' I said, `Out of your available footage.' He said, 'Spot on.' Generosity is a big part of his nature wherever he goes."

"He requested for a screening of the movie after it releases not only for himself, but also for all his 3,000 inmates. He asked me whether it would be possible. I said, `Yes. We will need to take permission but we will try our best."

Charles Sobhraj also known as the Proofreader, was born to an Indian father and a Vietnamese mother, Sobhraj’s childhood was spent in Saigon, Vietnam, but his criminal instincts never put him at peace. After battling trauma, he finally moved to France where he became a hardened criminal.

First Published on: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at: 4:43 PM


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