NITs to get facelift by 2020 to cater global leadership

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Jaipur : Technical and research institution, Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) Jaipur, has today hosted all NITs directors and deans under three days Co-NIT Meet 2015. The programme was graced by the respected Prof. D.P. Agrawal, Former chairman – UPSC, Prof. Surendra Prasad, Chairman NBA and former Director IIT Delhi, Prof. Vishwanath Sinha, Former Director LNMIIT.

Over 100 directors, deans and faculties of 31 NITs participated from different cities. The objective of this meet was to prepare a strategic plan for NIT system for the nation building. This forum gave the opportunity to all NITs for discussing the best practices and way forward to be more relevant and effective for the next journey.

Prof. I K Bhatt, Director, MNIT said, “There are three significant issues that plays a major role in the growth of the NIT system. These are governance including leadership roles, academic design & delivery mechanisms and the last is eco-system for generation of knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship."

He further said, "To overcome all these challenges, we as teachers have to be concerned about good teaching which includes ‘what to teach’ and teaching students - how to learn. Going forward the role of teachers should be transformed as mentors and thereby the NIT system can go a long way in guiding the planners of this country and transform the nation.”

Prof. V. Sinha, Former Director of LNMIIT said, “NITs should strive towards creating a system for training global engineers equipped with advanced technology in harmony with the evolution of the society. The budding engineers whom we are mentoring today will be the active leaders in the society at least for the next 40 years."

While, Prof. Surendra Prasad, Chairman National Board of Accreditationsaid, “Our key objective of taking NIT system to the next level also includes our accountability towards our stakeholders. We should look forward to transform the engineers into the leaders who can bring change in the society solving the problems.”

Prof. D P Agarwal, Former Chairman UPSC said, “Only 20% employment comes from the organised sector. The education that we are providing should be for the rest of the 80% unorganised sector. So that the skilled engineers can upgrade the unorganised sectors in the benefit of society at large."

"Also the institutions should look at giving more exposure to the students by designing the curricular in such a way that can actually provide students the industry experience. Some of the courses should be kept for self-studies and faculties should play the role of mentor,” He further added.

The brain storming sessions on all the three issues for the growth of NITs were conducted under three different themes at the event today. Parallel sessions on i) Reforms required in institutional governance in NITs, ii) Creating on enabling environment in teaching learning in NITs for 21st century and iii) Developing econ-system of research, innovation and entrepreneurship were attended by concerned deans and directors of NITs.

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