Himachal to be first state to start Rotavirus vaccination

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Shimla : Himachal Pradesh would be the first State to start Rotavirus vaccination from next month, to be started from district Kangra, which is leading cause of severe diarrhea among infants and young children. This was revealed in a meeting with representatives of State Health Commission who presented the first report of State’s Health scenario to Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and Health Minister Kaul Singh Thakur here today. 

The Chief Minister assured that the government will initiate measures on the recommendation of the Commission and will soon start work on the implementation of the  recommendations as accepted. The government will strengthen the trauma services in the State besides ensuring rotation of senior residents and post graduate students to district hospitals. Besides, the Chief Minister assured for bridging courses for Ayush physicians, Nurses and Paramedics.

The Government would look into constituting district hospital advisory boards and inter institutional academic council.

The Chief Minister said that the above recommendations can be accepted for immediate implementation and the other suggestions require to be understood in terms of finances, provisioning community acceptance in near future.

He said that though the State has better health indicators as compared to other states, yet we san specialists and sometimes mismatch of experts in their own field. “I feel that though we face shortage of specialists and at the same time, in near future I  want that the people of the State may get quality health services at affordable rates” said he.

I want that the people with common diseases get themselves treated  in  nearest Health Sub Centers, Primary Health Centers and not rush to Medical hospitals and colleges for the same except in serious ailment, said Virbhadra Singh. He said that the commission has mapped out the path for forward movement and now it was for the government to pick up the challenges to make Himachal number one in health care services.

“The Government will look into the primary and secondary care level though the dispensaries in far flung areas of the State were providing the much needed succor to the people in terms of health services." He said that the State Government had clearly outlined the Health Policies and a path for making a paradigm shift in how we provide health care services to the people in far regions.

Health Minister Kaul Singh Thakur said that the strategies being suggested will go a long way in strengthening the health care delivery system in the state and particularly for the under served population. 

He thanked the HP Health Commission for visioning the future challenges for the State and to show the path to be treaded upon in making Himachal best State in Health Care Sector. Kaul Singh said that  it was a historic day when we have joined a league of the developed states who futuristically plan for health care of its citizens.

He said that Himachal Pradesh had a true opportunity to emerge as a state with an affordable, sustainable Universal Health Care model. Not every state is capable of expressing such an aspiration, he said adding that Himachal has four key advantages of high literacy, a relatively high income level, bipartisan political commitment to health and development and a manageable population size.

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