Five day conference and exhibition on Tibetan Medical System and Astro-Science

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Dharmshala : The Dalai Lama may be their most popular and revered cultural icon, but there is much more that one can learn about the rich Tibetan culture and heritage, which is tenaciously keeping alive its traditions, the Tibetan medical system and astro-science are two distinct fields that offers a glimpse to people of the ancient culture of the land.

In order to promote awareness of and preserve this heritage, a five day conference and exhibition titled "Tibetan Medical System and Astro-Science" with a theme "Awakening the Sanctity of Life: Healing Mind, Healing Body," is being hosted at Tibet House at New Delhi .The event is set to continue till October 27.

Numerous workshops, lectures, panel discussions and movie screenings about Tibetan medical system and astrology takes places in the 5-day programme organised by the Men-Tsee Khang Institute and Tibet House.

The program also includes guest lectures, a seminar with experts from various medical traditions, exhibitions and workshops, the creation of a medicine Buddha sand mandala, cultural shows and screenings.

The major highlight is a free health and astrology consultancy by experts and Tibetan food stalls. The programme also serves as a platform for medical diagnosis and the sale of herbal medical products.

The Tibetan medical traditional is considered to be more than three centuries old. Over time the medical system integrated traditions from China, India and Persia and the current medical system is a resultant outcome of that integration.

"We consider that the history of Tibetan medicine go back to more than 3000 years ago. The indigenous Tibetan medicine is based on the experience and discoveries made by the treatment of various diseases that occurred in the Tibetan plateau. That is the base of the medicine system," says Dr Tsetan Mingyur. 

"From 7th-8th century, we began to integrate other systems of medicine. During the two centuries, we invited scholars from neighbouring countries like India, China and Persia. 

From 8th century onwards to the present, the Tibetan medical system is the integrated system of indigenous Tibetan medical system with the best parts of Ayurveda, Chinese medical system and Persian medical system" he said.

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