Anoushka Shankar to perform in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and Bengaluru

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New Delhi : Indian sitar player and composer Anoushka Shankar, who is also an internationally acclaimed sitarist, to be returning India this winter for a four-city (Mumbai, New Delhi, Jaipur and Bengaluru) tour in support of her new album named 'Home.

She will do perform in Mumbai on December 12th and then she perform in New Delhi on 13th, in Jaipur on 15th and she head to Bengaluru where she will perform on 18th. The tour is being curated by Alchemist Marketing Solutions.

“I am very excited to be back in India after two years. 'Home' is a special album to me for many reasons. It is an album about going back to my roots, and was recorded as an homage to my father and guru Pandit Ravi Shankar,” Anoushka said in a statement.

“It was also special because it was recorded while I was expecting my younger son Mohan. This December tour will be Mohan’s first trip to India,” she added.

The tour is being curated by Alchemist Marketing Solutions. Anoushka will be joined by her husband and film director Joe Wright, and her two sons, Zubin and Mohan.

Asked about her album “Home”, she said: “Indian classical music is traditionally passed down from guru to disciple over decades of tutelage that encompasses mind, body and soul, a spiritual relationship unlike any other."

“This is the first time I’m playing classical ragas on an album since he passed away. I felt deeply connected to him during the entire process. It does feel like an offering. It felt like I was reconnecting with him through playing the music that I've learned from him.”

Shankar grew up between the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. After beginning a relationship with British director Joe Wright in 2009 she moved to London, where they married on 26 September 2010.

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