Another literary from Jaipur returned his award

Nand Bhardwaj, Jaipur writer Nand Bhardwaj, Jaipur, Rajasthan, litterateurs returning award, Literature Academy Award
Jaipur : While the country's litterateurs are returning their award in the protest against the atrocities on authors, now another famous writer from Jaipur, Nand Bharadwaj has announced for return his Literature Academy Award.

He also sent back the prize money of Rs 50,000 awarded to him. Besides them the mementos and other symbols to be return in the Academy. He said

In a letter addressed to Sahitya Akademi, Bhardwaj said: “There is a growing concern among writers and intelligentsia against attacks and killing by hardline communal forces and the failure of Sahitya Akademi to stand up for them (the writers).”

“I praise the writers who have returned the awards and I also want to return my award, which I won in 2004 for my Rajasthani novel Samhi Khulto Marag,” Bhardawaj said.

Notable, Bharadwaj is the first person in the state, who has announced for return his Literature Academy Award. Bhardwaj was awarded for The Rajasthani Nobel 'Samhin Khultau Marag' in 2004.

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