4 running Metro trains were halted for 10 minutes over Earthquake

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Jaipur : On observing earthquake, all the 4 running Metro trains were halted for 10 minutes from 2:45 to 2:55 pm, namely at Mansarovar, Ram Nagar, Railway Station and Chandpole stations, as per provisions under the Metro Railways General Rules, 2013 and Disaster Management Manual of Jaipur Metro.

Necessary announcements to the passengers in these trains were made by the Train Operators and from Central Control.

After the earthquake subsided, the Metro Train Services were resumed at a safer speed of 20 kmph and stop dead, if required, till the inpection of Metro installations.

After the physical inspection and certification of track and fixed structures by Metro officials, the Metro trains run was normalized from 3:15 pm.

No physical damage to any Metro installation was observed due to the earthquake.

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