Sunny Leone Makes a Naughty Task for Girls in Splitsvilla 8

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Mumbai : The super-sexy actress Sunny Leone made the ladies on the MTV Splitsvilla 8, collaborate with the boys of their decision and play a diversion called the Balam Pichkari competition. In any case, let us start from the earliest starting point.

The show started with 16 young ladies and 8 fellows. In any case, with Sunny Leone’s entrance, came in 8 more celebrity boys who made the consistent fellows truly unstable. The young ladies additionally got energy to spare the fellows of their decision.

Both the gatherings, celeb and non-celeb boys put in every one of the endeavors to win the round and now it are up to the young ladies to spare the fellows they preferred! So after a round of exhibitions in view of classes like Sex Appeal, Romance, Entertainment, Strength and Sense of Humor, the 8 young ladies choose to spare Prince Prathmesh , Narula, and Zaan Khan.

Zaan goes to each of the young ladies to actually communicate with each of them and settle on his choice yet Gaurav and Mia break into a battle about trust issues and Zaan’s arrangement to converse with the beautiful girl contestants gets upset.

After every one of the considerations made by Prince, Zaan and Prathmesh it would appear that Mia is without a doubt one of the girl to get expelled in the Dumping Zone.

Be that as it may, ultimately the gentlemen play their cards diversely and dump Enakshi, Alisha and Harshita along these lines breaking Nishant, Ravi and Prathmesh’s associations with these 3 girls separately!

After the entire dramatization at the Dumping Zone of Splitsvilla season 8, the following day comes and Sunny Leone calls every one of the hopefuls at the shoreline to play the Balam Pichkari rivalry. The tenets of the amusement go like this-8 boys combine up with 8 girls.

While the young ladies remain in a line wearing a kurta, the fellows are on the other side with water-filler pichkaris splashing water on the girls. 

Whichever girls crush out the most extreme measure of water from her wet kurta into a dish, gets spared from the following Dumping Zone. 3 girls who rank toward the end in this diversion go specifically into the dumping zone. 

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