Pakistan need to think about its approach : Rajnath Singh

Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister India, Pakistan, Islamabad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi,
New Delhi : The Centre on Thursday said it wants to have friendly relations with all its neighbouring nations, including Pakistan, but Islamabad will have to think about its approach.

"We made our objective clear on the day of oath ceremony (of Prime Minister Narendra Modi) itself. If it were not our  aim to improve our relations with Pakistan, then our Prime Minister would not have invited his Pakistani counterpart to the  oath ceremony," Home Minister Rajnath Singh said in Srinagar.

The home minister said it was a honest effort on part of India to have friendly ties with all its neighbours,  including Pakistan.

"(Ex- Prime Minister) Atalji (Behari Vajpayee) used to say that we can change friends but not  neighbours. There will be not let up in our efforts but Pakistan will have to think about it also," he added.

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