Nestle India to resume export of Maggi noodles

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New Delhi : Nestle India is in the process of resuming exports of its Maggi instant noodles to various global markets after it got a go ahead from Bombay High Court earlier this week.

The company has started the logistical arrangements to resume the exports. Maggi noodles were banned in India on June 5 by the central food safety regulator FSSAI over presence of lead beyond permissible limit as well as taste enhancer monosodium glutamate (MSG).

"The logistical arrangements to resume exports have begun after Tuesday's decision by the Bombay High Court which clarified that the export of Maggi noodles could continue," Nestle said in a statement.

The FSSAI order was later challenged by Nestle India before the Bombay High Court. The ban, however, continues for Maggi instant noodles in the domestic market.

Nestle also said that Canadian authorities have given clean chit to its instant noddles brand after finding no health related hazard.

"We welcome the fact that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's investigation did not find any health risk associated with the consumption of Maggi noodles sold in Canada," Nestle said.

Earlier this week, food safety regulators in countries including the UK, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand which have also gave a clean chit to cleared the product, said it was safe for consumption.

Nestle further added that noodles made for the export market are produced on the same manufacturing lines as those for the Indian market.

"We use the same recipes and raw materials as we use for domestic markets, although Canada requires a different kind of salt to be used. Packaging materials are designed to meet the regulatory requirements of each importing country," Nestle said. 

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