Fawad is a Magnificent actor and funny guy in real life : Sonam Kapoor

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New Delhi : The 'Khoobsurat' star Sonam Kapoor still can’t help admiring her Pakistani co-star Fawad Khan, they worked together in Khubsoorat two years back.As Khubsoorat is going to be telecast on TV, the actress, when asked about her views for Fawad Khan, could not hold herself back. Here is what she said.

Sonam Kapoor not just calls him gorgeous and a gifted talent but also adds that he once became dinner table conversation at her house. She said in an interview, “What does one say about a man who is gorgeous and gifted with magnificent acting talent.” Sonam also revealed that how Fawad was chosen for the role of Vikram Rathore in the film.

“When we were looking at casting for the character Vikram, we needed someone who can look regal effortlessly,” she said. From his dashing looks to his flawless acting skills, the Bollywood actress explained how Fawad became the much-talked about Pakistani celebrity among her circle and won the hearts of her mother’s friends.

 “Soon he became our dinner table conversation and that’s when Rhea (her sister and producer) decided to contact him for the film and as they say, rest is history,” added the 34-year-old actress.

First Published on Sunday, July 12, 2015 at: 12:42 AM


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