Expert says that Aliens may exist and resemble human beings

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Aliens may exist and resemble humans actually and have limbs and a head, an expert from the University of Cambridge has claimed. According to it, aliens could even have the ability to think intelligently.

Biologist Simon Conway Morris from the University of Cambridge, said the chances of alien life evolving somewhere else in the universe are quite high.

In his new book called ‘The Runes Of Evolution’, Morris discusses a theory called convergence, which says evolution may proceed along certain lines rather than being a chaotic process.

If accurate, this would mean aliens are almost confirmed to possess limbs and a head, and think intelligently - just like us earthlings, '' reported.

"Evolution is far from a accidental process. If the outcomes of evolution are at least largely predictable, then what applies on Earth will apply across the Milky Way, and further," said the researcher.

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