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Shimla : Himachal radish is an agrarian State as more than 80 per cent people dwel in villages. Himachal Pradesh State Agricultural Marketing Board (HPSAMB) is catering to the needs of the farmers so that they could get remunerative price for their produce in the market.

Besides providing new market access opportunities within and outside of the State. The Board is providing various facilities through 10 Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMC’s) and more than 56 regulated Markets setup at different strategic places throughout the State.

In order to meet the ever increasing demand of off seasonal vegetables and fruits in other parts of the country, the State Government has taken initiative to modernise its vegetable and fruit markets so that farmers can get all the facilities at one place.

To cater the needs of farmers, 56 markets have been constructed out of which eight marketing yards have been set up during last two and half years and work on four other markets is in progress. An amount of Rs. 30.42 crore has been spent on the construction of these markets during the year 2012-13 to 31 March 2015.

Himachal Pradesh is the the first hilly State in the Country which has implemented amended Himachal Pradesh Agricultural and Horticultural Produce Marketing (Development and Regulation) Act, 2005.

Due to hilly terrain, the producing areas are scattered in small units and the means of transport are not readily and easily available in such areas. Since the facility for the protection of agricultural produce is short, it remains open to vagaries of weather.

To save the farmer from such losses, a scheme to construct collection centres at strategic points had been started. 27 such Fruit and Vegetable Collection Centres have been established at the cost of Rs. 1,17,62,084 during last two and half years.

Consistent efforts are being made by the Board to identify proper places for setting up collection centers at different areas. At present, four collection centres at Shimla district, three in kangra,  two each in Solan and sirmour, four in Una, one in Chamba, three each in Mandi and Hamirpur, four in Bilaspur and one in Kullu district have been established.

Further, The APMC, Shimla & Kinnaur has constructed three collection centres in the vegetable and fruit producing areas where the means of transport are not readily available i.e. Delath, Janedhat and Throla. The farmers of these areas bring their produce to the road side and keep in there for the transportation of their produce to these collection centres.

Keeping in view the tough geographical conditions of hill areas, the construction of roads is difficult and highly expensive as compare to plains. To connect these hilly areas with main roads, Aerial Rope Ways are being constructed by the the State government. Eight such Aerial Rope Ways has installed at a cost of Rs. 40.50 lakh during last two and half years.

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