FIR aggainst Sunny Deol and director of 'Mohalla Assi' film

Mohalla Assi, Sunny Deol, Mohalla Assi Director, Chandra Prakash Dwivedi, FIR aggainst Sunny Deol
Varanasi : A case has been filed against Bollywood actor Sunny Deol and the the director of upcoming film ‘Mohalla Assi’ named Chandra Prakash Dwivedi for hurting religious sentiments.

The complaint is filed by an organization in Varanasi named Sarvajan Jagruti Sanstha for showing Varanasi in poor light and blamed that film violated the moral principle. A complainant said, “Film hurts religious feelings and we cannot allow a film like this to be released.”

The film is based on a Novel written by Kashi Nath Singh in which he highlighted the lifestyle of a middle class family who organize religious ritual for earning their bread and butter.

Mohalla Assi is an upcoming Bollywood film directed by Chandra Prakash Dwivedi starring Sunny Deol, Ravi Kishan, Sakshi Tanwar, Saurabh Sukhla and Mukesh Tiwari. The film is produced by Vinay Tiwari and will be released in October 2015.

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