35 Year old man gets marriage to 6 year old girl

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Jaipur : The government who trying to stop the harm of child marriage, while on the other hand some representative of the government are trying to promoting it and messing with the life of child. Something similar to it a case appeared in Rajasthan, where a 35-year-old ward member got married to a 6-year-old girl.

The case is from Gangraar's Soniyana Panchayat in Chittorgarh district, where a 35-year-old ward member got married to a 6-year-old girl, who is younger then 29 year with his age. Over the case villagers have outrage against him but until the villagers seem to know about it sooner than he had absconded.

The SDM of Gangraar Gyanmal Khatik said that, after the villagers report an inquiry committee has been create for action against the accused ward member Ratan Lal Jat. He said that, it is clear from investigation so far that the accused got marriage with the girl but the palace of marriage couldn't Identify.

He further said that, we are trying to Identify the palace of marriage and when we find it action would be taken against related people.

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