White pigeon with 'Pak Stamp' Seized in India, chacked for camera

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Pathankot : A white pigeon who has the Pakistani mark and crossed the Indo-Pak border into India's Pathankot area was found in Punjab which created a flutter in the region. The pigeon was captured and detained for being a 'suspected spy' on Thursday.

Police said they had X-rayed the bird to see whether it was carrying anything suspicious after a villager spotted a stamp under its feathers that bore Urdu script and the name of a Pakistani district.

According the reports, The “suspect”, now in police custody, was nabbed by villagers in the Bamial sector of Pathankot district, which is just a few kilometres away from the Pakistan border. Accoring to reports, it was injured after villagers tore off one of its wings.

The report said that a part of the message stamped on the bird was in Urdu, while the numbers appeared to be that of a phone in Pakistan's Narowal district.

The bird has “Shakargarh” and “Narowal” written on its body in English, along with some numbers and words in Urdu. Shakargarh tehsil is a sub-divison of Narowal district in Pakistan’s Punjab province close to the border.

Shakargarh is a tehsil in Narowal district in Pakistan's Punjab province. The white pigeon also reportedly had a wire-like object on its body. The bird was also stamped with numbers that appeared to be a landline number in Pakistan's Narowal district, The TOI reported.

“We are investigating the matter and have alerted the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Border Security Force (BSF),” said SSP, Pathankot, R K Kaushal. The district police have left nothing to chance, even getting the bird scanned to check if there was something hidden inside it. “But we did not find anything in the scan,” said the SSP.

He added that there was something written on the pigeon in Urdu and that efforts were being made to get that read. “It may be harmless but we cannot take any chances,” he added. BSF DIG R S Kataria, based at the BSF Punjab Frontier headquarters in Jalandhar, said the pigeon was “inspected” by senior officials including the commanding officer of the BSF battalion based in the area.

“Nothing suspicious has been found as yet but we are not taking any chances,” said Kataria. He said the bird could have been used to send across a message or a SIM card to a contact across the border. He said that recently, another pigeon was found on the Indo-Pak border in another state with something tagged on its body.

This is not the first time that a pigeon has flown across the border and got caught. Five years back, in May 2010, another pigeon with Pakistani markings was “apprehended” near the border in Amritsar sector. It was then alleged that it was a “spy pigeon”.

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