There can be no Salman Khan in 'Azhar' film : Ekta Kapoor

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Mumbai : Recently, when Ekta Kapoor was present along with Emraan Hashmi and Mohammad Azharuddin at a special event to launch the teaser and talk about the film ‘Azhar’.

Some journalists said that they have heard that is Jacqueline Fernandez is final for the Female lead, upon hearing this Ekta said, “We have couple of names bur nothing is finalized. We have a list. Film has taken time in writing so we will take time while casting.”

While she also talked how she decided to make a biopic and how did it turned out to be Azhars’ biopic and she said, “When We were talking to directors I wanted to make an authentic biopic and the director said the only authentic Person would be Mohammed Azharuddin but He wouldn’t agree on It."

Ekta said, "So It is better to make on someone else. Sometimes I Do like to hear No but I like to Chase it. So we immediately got in Touch with him. Lot of hard work has gone into making this biopic. I don’t have any knowledge about cricket...But wanted to do biopic on any Sports personality whose life is interesting."

"Personal life as important professional life in a biopic. 3 aspects : khuda, shaadi and match fixing case. Everything will be shown.” she added.

And when one of them dared to ask about if there is angle of Salman Khan is seen in the film, She replied very cleverly, “can anyone play Salman khan, he can only right? There can be no Salman Khan in this film.”

Directed by Tony D'Souza and produced by Balaji Motion Pictures and MSM Motion Pictures, Azhar the film is said to deal with Azharuddin's entire life, which will go on floors by the next month and slated to release by 13 May, 2016.

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