Salman Khan arrived in Mandi to attend sister Arpita's marriage reception

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Shilmla (RN1) : The 'Dabangg' star Salman Khan has arrived in Himachal Pradesh's town Mandi, where he will attend his younger sister Arpita'a marriage reception. Salman Khan wearing sun-glass on eyes, black t-shirt and blue jeans when he arrived here.

Sohail Khan accompanied his brother Salman to Mandi, Himachal. "Now I have a connect with people here and Himachal. I will do whatever I can do for people of Mandi and Himachal Pradesh," said Salman. The Khan brothers spent almost 40 minutes in Paddal ground before leaving for their hotel.

Earlier, the Himachal government has declared the actor a state guest and will provide him a chopper to take him and his family to the venue from Chandigarh.

Salman and his family will visit Mandi, the hometown of his sister's husband Aayush Sharma, for the first time to attend "dham", a traditional community feast being organised by state Rural Development Minister Anil Sharma to felicitate his daughter-in-law and son.

"Dham" is a traditional meal served on leaf plates to the guests sitting on the floor by using the finest ingredients, traditional recipes and methods. The cuisines are cooked by chefs trained by the "botis" or hereditary cooks. It is basically a four-course unlimited meal.

The main course has the chaa ghosht or lamb cooked in yoghurt gravy, or murgh anardana, chicken stewed in pomegranate paste, for non-vegetarians. For vegetarians, it is Himachali dal channa, split gram with fennel seeds, and mathri choware, lentil fritters in spinach gravy.

For those with a sweet tooth, there is meethe chawal, sweetened red rice with dry fruits and saffron. The food is cooked in copper vessels which impart a unique flavour to the dishes. The main course will have a choice of bread - babroo, chawal ki kadak roti and beduan roti.

Arpita married Aayush, the grandson of former telecom minister Sukhram, on November 18 last year.

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