Modi Government : The incomparable 1 Year, but the destination yet away

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New Delhi : The Modi government in center which will complete his one year on May 26, is on the examine of the public's criterion. However, any of the five year government's work can't be criterion in this time because the government have another 4 year's time more after the one year, in which he can do much more works for public.

This type of the assessment in a country like India is not less than the injustice. But when the government looks well performing with clear intentions and motivations then it deserve to exposed it's exemplary work ethic to people.

Well, if we have a look on the works of Modi government then we can find that the government is working and if you are a critic of Modi government then you will assume that situations has change in comparison of UPA government's days.

Modi government who took over on May 26 last year, after it the Prime Minister Narendra Modi made it clear that he want to take the country on the path of development and wants to make corruption free India.

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