Kailash Kher admitted in hospital, Get well soon

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Mumbai : The sufi and bollywood singer Kailash Kher is unwell and he has been admitted in Mumbai's Kokilaben Hospital, he said on his social media account on Saturday.

The 'Allah ke Bandey' singer says he had been ignoring his health, and ultimately, had to cancel a show in Gujarat. He shared on a social networking website that, " This is what you get when you keep aside your health, and opt for other professional commitments."

The singer feels that he he has learnt a new but important lesson in life. “Never prioritise any other thing over your health whether it is a meet with Obama or you have won a Nobel award. Body takes its revenge silently and slowly” he added.

The 41 year old singer had to cancel his Bharuch Gujarat trip. He aldo shared an image of imself on his social networking website.

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