Jackie Chan became Translator for Aamir Khan in China

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Mumbai : The 'PK' star Aamir Khan who is well knwon in the industry as Mr. Perfectionist and who recently visited to China. When he was in China to launch his film ‘PK’, he met the kung-fu king Jackie Chan at the event. They both became instant friend and spoke to each other for long at event.

Aamir mentioned that, when the speech was made by Chinese fraternity at the event, his translator was not with him at the moment and he could not understand anything.

But then Jackie Chan was sitting with him and he realized that Aamir Khan is not able to understand even single word. So Jackie very politely started to translate the speech for Aamir.

This gesture of Jackie really made Aamir like him more. Well we hope to see that someday Aamir and Jackie both do a film together as they both are very keen and awaits for right script and opportunity.

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