Google has released another update 'Inbox by Gmail'

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San Francisco : Google I/O announcements today in San Francisco, the company is now allowing everyone to download and use the Inbox by Gmail app without an invite. Google first launched Inbox in October 2014. Today's announcement also comes with reveals of several updates to Inbox.

Google has released yet another update, this time for its Gmail app. The new Version 5.0 is already available on the Playstore. Guess it's an attempt to make those customers happy, who didn't like or don't want to switch to Inbox.

The design is almost the same as Inbox's and at the same time it retains all the features of previous Gmail app. Those who are still waiting to receive an invite to Inbox can try it out in the meantime.

Google has also added a good amount of updates to Inbox by Gmail, quite expectedly. A new Trip Bundles feature clubs all the emails about a trip into a single bundle. For example, if you have planned for a trip to say Goa and have multiple bookings in the form of flight, hotel and cab - all the emails detailing this information will be put together in one easy to access bundle. 

The icing on the cake, however, is that Inbox by Gmail will pull up the most important information first based on the time of booking. So, flight booking will be succeeded by hotel in this case.

The new smart reminders feature for Inbox by Gmail will prompt you to set a reminder automatically when someone commissions you to do a task in an email. Reminders will now also sync between Google Keep, the company's note-taking app, and Inbox by Gmail.

Additionally, with this update for Inbox by Gmail, Google allows developers to embed deep links to apps into emails. This essentially means that links will open the app directly instead of a web page. This also negates the need to log in again. Google states that the launch partners for this feature includes Hotels Tonight and Eat24 apps.

The Inbox by Gmail update also includes the ability to undo sending an email within the first 10 seconds of hitting the send button. Google also adds custom email signatures for Inbox, and also gives users the power to change Inbox's swipe gesture from marking emails as done to deleting them by default in settings.

Both signatures and delete features were recently promised to be delivered in an upcoming update by the firm.

Official Gmail Blog‎ said in a post that, "For starters, you’ve mentioned how much you like seeing key information at a glance, like when your package is arriving. So today Inbox is adding Trip Bundles: All of your emails about a trip will now be bundled together and the most important details (like flight times and hotel reservation numbers) will be available the instant you open Inbox."

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