'It was just routine-check, Dharmendra is not hospitalized'

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Mumbai : The spokesperson in the office of veteran actor Dharmendra, has reportedly denied all reports which is says that the first and most 'He-man' Dharmendra is hospitalised, he is very well and the all news are just rumors.

Earlier, the report stated that the actor had hurt his shoulder while shooting for 'Second Hand Husband' and had reportedly gone to Breach Candy Hospital in South-Mumbai to get his MRI done. 

He is doing fine and is currently dubbing for the film. Also the report stated that the actor was admitted due to extreme weakness and his condition is stable.

Notable, Last year, in April, Dharmendra was advised complete bed rest by doctors, when he was shooting for a Punjabi film called ‘Double Trouble’. In 2010, the ‘Sholay’ actor was hospitalised in Chandigarh after complaints of chest pain.

The legendary actor Dharmendra was also hospitalised In 2010 at Chandigarh for a similar issue and there he was discharged later. 

Dharmendra Known as one of the greatest actors of Indian cinema, Dharmendra has worked in some wonderful films like ‘Chupke Chupke’, ‘Sholay’, ‘Charas’ and many more.


First Published on Thursday, May 28, 2015 at: 5:28 PM


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