Homeowner Celina Jaitley Shows the Door to Sunny Leone !

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Mumbai : Since her debut in the industry with Mahesh Bhatt’s Jism 2, Sunny Leone has become the busiest actress of Bollywood in a very short period of time. She has given a lot of movies back to back however things aren’t working well in her personal life! Well your might get shocked to know that Sunny has been thrown out of her apartment!

Though the actress has managed to become an renowned face in the film industry however her porn star image is lagging behind her. She has been trying her best to own a house in Mumbai since a while however many of the residential societies denied her to lend her a rented house or to own one. She was currently living in Celina Jaitley’s house as a tenant but Sunny Leone latest news is that, she has been shown the door!

Well Celina Jaitle hasn’t done this owning Sunny’s porn star image however she took the decision as the actress wasn’t taking care of her house as it should be. According to reports, Celina made her mind to make a surprise visit to her home and got shocked to see the place!

She saw swamp in her bathroom and her furniture rotting in the balcony, which made her to throw Sunny out on her ear-Poor Sunny! Well this might have created a huge trouble for Sunny. Currently the Ragini MMS 2 actress has taking shelter in hotel rooms. Sunny is moving from one hotel to another, as she don’t have any place to live.

The actress’s adult star image might have helped her to bag some roles in the movies but seems creating a lot of nuisances. People come out having a different persecution towards the actress down to her adult star image, which could be easily noticed. We would just like to say, people need to understand a person’s past is past, we hope the gal finds a nest for herself soon!

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