Rakhi Sawant asked Sunny Leone "Get lost from my India"

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New Delhi : The controversy queen Rakhi Sawant has open her big mouth again and got angry at former porn star Sunny Leone. Rakhi has chosen as her target yet again to Sunny Leone, she has asked Sunny Leone to get lost from India!

Recently, in the last month Rakhi had lost her temper when she was compared with Sunny Leone. She got angry when the reporters compared her with Sunny Leone. She said, "Please don't compare me with Sunny Leone. I never did any adult film or anything else to achieve this. I hope you all understand."

This time she said that "Main Rakhi Sawant aayi hu ‘Leela’ ko Geela karne." And everyone knows that who is the ‘Leela'. Rakhi further added, ‘I only have one target, i.e., Sunny Leone. And because of her, Indian woman like me has to wear short dresses to compete with her.’

Rakhi lost her temper when she asked about Sunny Leone being thrown out of Celina Jaitley’s house. She said, ‘Not just from the house, she should be thrown out of the country.’

She also blamed Sunny Leone that, "She coerce to me for wear this types of short dress." She further added that, "I feel that performance is the everything, I have won the heart of Indian audience with my dancing, performing, comedy and doing reality shows and also by winning hearts of the audiences."

First Published on Saturday, May 30, 2015 at: 1:33 AM


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