International Trade analyst Josh Hurtado exposes Rupesh Paul and his Cons

Josh Hurtado, Rupesh Paul, Cannes Film Festival, Sherlyn Chopra, Kamasutra 3D, The Monk Who Fucked A Limousine aka India's Daughter, The Memoirs Of An Indian Geisha
Who has not heard of Sherlyn Chopra's long delayed film 'Kamasutra 3D' which never saw the light of day? And who doesn't remember the Publicity Stunt fight between the actress and 'Kamasutra 3D' director Rupesh Paul? Yes, the guy is back in action with all his Fake Cons once again.

We don't say this, Renowned international Bollywood analyst Josh Hurtado does in one of his recent eye-opening write up for Cannes 2015 Market Report!

More recently, Film maker Rupesh Paul who had claimed that a French actress named Aurore Nouail had stripped for the director at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival was dismissed by the artiste herself. 

The director reached Cannes International Film Festival for the promotion of his two movies 'The Monk Who Fucked A Limousine aka India's Daughter' and 'The Memoirs Of An Indian Geisha' has caught the eye of J.Hurtado.

He wrote "That film (Kamasurta 3D) has been present at the Marche for at least 3 years, Paul insists it's been sold in dozens of territories around the world, and yet no one has ever seen it. Kama Sutra 3D is one of the most high profile con jobs in Indian cinema history. The film has been repeatedly delayed since 2013."

Hurtado further warned the buyers in Cannes by stating "Maybe once Paul makes a movie that someone, anyone at all, wants to see, I'll give him a pass. That hasn't happened yet, so please, film buyers out there, keep your money."

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