WhatsApp to get a new feature of Voice Calling soon

Android mobile messaging app WhatsApp which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS, will get a new feature of voice calling in the app as soon as possible. The latest agenda on the lists of WhatsApp users is to ensure that this amazing instant messenger adds a voice calling feature to its platform.

With the latest rumors even pulling the launch date even closer with some leaked images, this feature is set to increase the number of WhatsApp users by many times.

The Whatsapp update V.4.0.0 is not on the stores yet, it is under beta stage to be released to the stores officially. Anyway, the new Whatsapp update has the long awaited “Free Voice Calling” feature where you could make international FREE phone call!

There will be a new section for voice calls, separate from the application’s chat function. Nothing has changed on how to initiate a conversation with a friend, just like with chat messages; you can also open the app and find a contact you wish to call and with a single tap of a button, you’ll see the avatar of your contact and a call immediately initiate.

The new WhatsApp for voice calling will include a section where users can view their call logs grouped as received, dialed and missed. Pictures and shared messages will be visible from beneath each contact’s name.

Whatsapp has the highest usership of any app in its messaging category, including Facebook’s Messenger. Whatsapp boasted 600 million users in August.  A mere four months later, it has hit the 700 million user mark. The app acquired by Facebook for $22 billion in October 2014.

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