Twitter introduces new feature like facebook news feed

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Internet Desk : Micro-blogging website Twitter has introduces the new feature that will collect tweets in a Facebook-style news feed. Twitter has started rolling out a new recap feature to its mobile app called ‘While You Were Away’.

The “While you were away” feature pulls together posts that you might have missed, and is being gradually rolled out to users.

Like the Facebook news feed, the feature seems to choose tweets based on how much interaction they receive and whether an algorithm thinks users will be interested in them. Some users appear to have got access to the feature in early December, but the number of posts about it seem to indicate that it has been rolled out more quickly in recent weeks.

Hopefully it’ll be a bit more in depth than simply pulling out the most popular posts, otherwise you could just end up seeing nothing but tweets from celebrities that got lots of Retweets, rather than stuff you care about.

By : RajasthanNews1 | January 2nd, 2015

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