Ranbir Kapoor came to Twitter, Is this real Ranbir?

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Mumbai : Ranbir Kapoor who has One of the highest-paid actors and one of the most popular celebrities in India from Bollywood. The actor, who has always shied away from joining Twitter has finally decided to join the famous micro blogging site Twitter.

Ranbir Kapoor trending since Tuesday morning. And, if you are his fan, you must have jumped with joy that finally the actor gave in to the temptation of social media with Twitter handle as @RANBIRKA6000R with the Ranbir Kapoor. 

We got to know that Ranbir has joined Twitter. But given the fact that he has not tweeted yet, we are yet to make sure if it is really him or just another fake account established in his name. 

Coming back to talk about why Ranbir had reservations regarding joining Twitter, the ‘Roy’ actor had once said that an actor loses the mysterious aura that enshrouds his persona when he becomes easily available to the public.

Twitter handle @RANBIRKA6000R with the name of Ranbir Kapoor has  Followers 15.6K and  Following 2 as name of Pookipedia and another with the name of A.

But a little confusion that we c'nt say anything that is this real Ranbir Kapoor? So, What are your thinking readers, is this real Ranbir Kapoor and RK’s real account is this?

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