Seven Distributors ask to return fraction of their money in Lingaa

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Channai : The Film of superstar Rajnikanth 'Lingaa' is in trouble again, because seven distributors in channai are seeking for refund of their money. They're saying that they have lost about 40 crore Rs. with the film.

superstar of south cinema Rajinikanth, who known by the name of 'Thalaaiva' in the film industry of whole indian parts, his latest release film Lingaa might have had a bumper start at the ticket windows but the film lost its momentum and bit the dust, losing over Rs 40 crore of its cost. Now, distributors complained about the loss and has asked the superstar to refund their losses.

Normally a Rajinikanth film brings huge collections at the box office but with Lingaa, it did not go the usual way. Lingaa lost a lot of money and failed to recover its costs. As a result of which, huge losses were incurred by the distributors and theatre owners. 

The distributors and theatre owners have asked Rajni to pay back to compensate for their financial loss. Although there has been no response from Rajinikanth yet, the distributors have threatened to go on a hunger strike in Chennai on Saturday.

Previously, Rajni compensated distributors in 2002 when his film Baba tanked at the box office. Even in 2008, when Kuselan met a similar fate, the actor decided to pay the distributors to prevent them from incurring any loss. 

Now that the distributors have requested Rajni to ask the Lingaa producers return at least a fraction of their money.

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