Angelina Jolie opened up the secret of her marriage to Brad Pitt

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London : Hollywood actress and filmmaker Angelina Jolie has opened up about her marriage to Brad Pitt, saying that what was lovely about their long engagement was that they didn't feel there was something missing or they needed to get married.
Angelina Jolie said, "they felt very complete and the commitment to children is one that you cannot walk away from, so they already had that commitment, the Mirror reported.

She said, it was really that they wanted to re-commit and commit in a deeper way, and they wanted to celebrate the union with their children and that it does feel different when you say, 'my husband' or 'my wife', which warms you in a different way and you look at that person a little differently.

Jolie added that as soon as the ceremony was all over, they all just changed clothes and hung out, which was just a very happy time, but wasn't this monumental change and they were just very happy and sure, it's quite an extraordinary feeling to be so sure, as it gives one peace.

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