Do you know that actress Smita Gondkar is professional stunt biker also

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Mumbai : Perhaps anybody dn't know that actress Smita Gondkar is also a professional stunt biker and and off-roading expert. She was the only girl to reach the semifinal round of a reality show in 2009 post which she won another adventure reality show in 2010 along with partner Allan Almeida.

Recently the actress revealed that she was approached to be the stunt double for Katrina Kaif. Smita said, "After winning the 2010 adventure reality show, I was approached by makers of the Bollywood film Players to act as Katrina's body double in action scenes. 

Although the offer was lucrative, I did not take it up as I am very passionate about stunts and so want to play myself in them. Plus, taking the risk and not getting recognized for it did not make sense. 

Anyway later when the movie released in 2012 I learnt that Sonam Kapoor was roped in to play the part that was originally written for Katrina."

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