Virat Kohli is now Anushka Sharma's husband?

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Bollywood actress Anushka sharma and cricket player of Indian team Virat kohli are making headlines day in and day out with their public appearances together. Though the alleged lovebirds aren't making any official statement about their relationship, it is very much out in the open. 

The couple seems to be painting the town red. After the release of PK, Anushka flew to Australia where India is playing a cricket series. During the cricket match, Virat Kohli was once again seen blowing a kiss at his lady love after a good game. 

Australian presenter Michael Slater referred to Anushka Sharma as Virat Kohli's wife on the final day of the third test played between Australia and India at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. commentator Michael Slater reportedly addressed Anushka Sharma as Virat Kohli’s wife. Realizing his gaffe, Slater then hurriedly described the Bollywood actress as the swashbuckling batter’s ‘fiancĂ©e’.

Truth is that Anushka is neither to Virat Kohli as yet, but that may change very soon, if we go by the blossoming romance between the duo. So Slater’s gaffe is verily forgivable and may actually be a statement just ahead of time.

Anushka’s presence in the stands of the cricket ground has only spurred Virat to perform better against the relentless Aussie sledging. After scoring his century in the third test, Virat Kohli blew a kiss to Anushka Sharma in the stands. That’s not it. He teased the Aussie bowler Mitchell Johnson too by blowing a kiss to him.

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