Big B enjoys editing process of Film 'Shamitabh'

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Mumbai : The shahenshah of Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan who known as Big B in the Industry, says he enjoys being a part of the editing of his upcoming film 'Shamitabh' and is impressed by the high technology used in the process.

The movie helmed by 'Paa' director R Balki, also stars 'Raanjhanna' actor Dhanush and Kamal Haasan's younger daughter Akshara in her debut. "The day was spent with Shamitabh. Discussions on its promotions, its release plans and the involvement of others!," said the actor while praising the high technology and computerised execution, used in film editing now.

The 72 year old, Big B recalled how actors were not allowed to enter the edit room in the old days of Bollywood, saying that it is normal today for actors to sit with the editors.

"Actually now being in the company of edit is pretty normal. In those days we were never allowed even 100 meters from the edit room. If perchance you were to find yourself in the edit, you either paid a fine, fed the staff, and left in a hurry before you got beaten up.

"The editorial space was sacred. It was here that the film took shape. It was here that it was decided what your performance would be, because the editor has the capacity to completely destroy your performance, or conversely to make you look like a genius, by the flick of a finger!" he said.

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